Noah Zemlin

Robots, Radars, and Research.

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IGVC Robot
ROS, Python, C++, Unity, OpenCV

IGVC is an annual competition to develop a autonomous self-driving vehicle to stay within lanes and avoid obstacles. The robot will plan its own path across the course using computer vision, LIDAR, GPS, and other odometry sensors.

Mercury Robot
Python, Java, UDP/TCP

The Merucry Challenege is an annual teleoperated robotics competition. The goal is to create a robot that can perform several tasks across a field all while being remotely operated.

Haunt the Union Interactive App
HTML5, TypeScript, React,, nginx

Haunt the Union is an annual haunted house that takes place in the OU student union. In 2019, we created an interactive app that would give guide participants and give them decisions.

HTML5, TypeScript, Python, React,

Stemmy was my Hacklahoma 2020 entry which won third place. Stemmy was designed to be a children's multiplayer math game to encourage having fun while improving STEM skills.

Feb 2020
HTML5, JavaScript was my Hacklahoma 2019 entry which won Top 10 Hack. This is a web game that uses JavaScript to create a bee-based empire.

Feb 2019
Python, ML, Reinforcement Learning

PyOnitama was my course project for CS 5033 Machine Learning at OU. We developed a simulator for the Onitama board game and then developed several AI agents for the game using Reinforcement Learning.

Fall 2019
C++, Arduino

RobotLib is a open-source robotics library I developed with SCR that provides easy and intuitive classes to speed up robotics prototyping. This has features such as motor controller, encoder reading, and PID.

Since 2017
ROS, Python, Genetic Algorithm

Beebotics was my course project CS 5023 Intro to Intelligent Robotics. The project uses a genetic algorithm to search a map for a valid path for a mobile robot.

Canvas Unity
Java, Android Studio

Canvas Unity was my Hacklahoma 2018 entry which won Top 10 Hack. This is an Android app that let users create a list of things to get done (GTD style). It also had Canvas integration, allowing it to automatically pull assignments and events from OU's LMS.

Mar 2018
C#, Unity, VR, Oculus Rift

Telecommunibreakin was a short virtual reality game project made in Unity. The game let you break into a muesum and steal art while avoiding and disabling robot guards. This project was made with a few other members as part of the GDA.